Friday, August 12, 2011

What I Learned: BillMyParents

Are you a part of the Anti-Green movement?

While at BlogHer last week I was treated to lunch and a session about BillMyParents. BillMyParents is a new tool to help parents teach their teens about budgeting and spending. Similar to a debit card, it allows parents to load a teen's allowance/spending money on a card. Then, when the teen goes shopping or out with friends it will text message the parent where the child was shopping and how much money they spent. It also allows you to turn off the card if you deem necessary or if the card is lost or stolen. The card is free for the first month and $3.95 each month thereafter.

I think that this is a great tool to start teaching teens about our almost-cashless society. (It's hard to get used to the idea that you're spending actual money when it's not in your hands.) Especially great if you have a teenage girl that is a shop-a-holic!

I also have to say that the BillMyParents advertising/public relations campaign is brilliant. And very funny. Please watch the videos. I loved them!

I was treated to a special lunch at the BlogHer conference by BillMyParents to hear about this service. No other compensation was received. My opinions are my own, as was the choice to write about the service.
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  1. I'll be heading over to the BillMyParents website to check it out! I got Ryan, my 14 yr old, a PayPal debit card to use to buy music and gaming stuff online, but it doesn't text me afterwards. I really, REALLY like that idea, especially for my 12 yr old son, who is known to be a bit sneaky :)

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