Monday, May 30, 2011

Dressing (Literally!) For Summer

Over the last few years I have been buying and wearing dresses more often. I think I quit buying them when I worked for a restaurant and had to wear the 'uniform' of black polyester pants, men's dress shirts, and ties. Not very feminine, but then I lost a few pounds, fashion trends turned, my kids were older so my husband and I got out more, and I was able to find things that looked nice on me.

The biggest occasion that I buy for is the BlogHer conference, but there are also graduation parties, weddings, Girl's Night Out, and nights out alone with my husband that I dress up for now. Nothing makes me feel prettier than a dress and high heels.

I have a confession to make: I don't do much shopping online. There are a variety of reasons but mostly because I'm very picky about how clothing fits, so rather than having to jump through a bunch of hoops to return something I usually just drive around to try things on. When Shabby Apple contacted me to do a review of their dresses I was skeptical, but agreed to do it. Their women's dresses are cute, so "Why not?" right?
Bali Ha'i'

I received the Bali H'ai just in time for... the coldest spring that I can remember in California. While I haven't had occasion to wear  it yet, (have I mentioned how cold it is here?,) the fit is AWESOME. It's cotton, (easy care, FTW!,) with just a little stretch for that perfect fit. I will certainly be taking it to San Diego this summer for the conference, and I'm also thinking of wearing it to my high school reunion in July, not to mention my husband and I usually go out for our birthdays. Subtle yet sexy, don't you think?

I had a difficult time deciding which dress to try. The sherbet colors are amazing.
Cockeyed Optimist
The names of the collections are fun. Think: South Pacific, Oh la la, and The Silk Road. They have several styles for those of you who try to enhance a less-than-full bust-line:

 They also have dresses to balance your figure, like this:

The other thing that I like about Shabby Apple is that you won't find anything hoochie on their site. No micro-mini skirts, no 'how-low-can-you-go' necklines. These dresses are beautiful and celebrate a woman's figure without resorting to trashiness.

Make sure you Like the Shabby Apple Facebook page, and tell them Headless Mom sent you!

Would you like to have a Shabby Apple dress of your own? Use the discount code: headlessfamily10off  at checkout and get 10% off of your total purchase.

Now go!
Headless Mom


  1. I like Shabby Apple on FB and left a comment here:

    I love the JACK AND JILL in Kunzite OR Fire Opal. Stunning!

  2. Great review. The dresses are so pretty.

  3. I'm so envious that Shabby Apple asked you to review. I love them and frequently go to the web site just to make up fantasy events for which I would need one of their dresses.

  4. I went surfing around, I didn't get far. The questions didn't include my styleishness. I also need to shop in person.

  5. I Like The 1st one Pic . Great outfit. :)

  6. Excellent post.I really appreciate you for doing this job... keep it up so i can do comments on your post.
    Thanks :)


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