Monday, August 23, 2010

Kodak Bus Tour-Easy Share is Easy!

One of my favorite things about BlogHer this year was actually the day before it started. I had the good fortune of attending the Kodak Bus Tour with many other bloggers to test out Kodak's new Easy Share M580 camera with the coolest share features.

Before I tell you about the Share Button, though, you've got to check out these great pictures! (The entire Bus Tour set can be found here.)

Uh, I think I failed rotating pictures. Quintessential New York shot.
What bloggers do when given a cool Kodak camera.
I love taking pictures of buildings. Could you tell? These were all shot from a MOVING BUS. No lie.

Sparklecorn Party. I love the movement in this. A happy accident!
Laurie and Suebob on the tour.
Are you really into loading your photos to facebook or flickr? Then this is the camera for you. When you take a shot that you know that you want to upload you tag it, in the camera!, with the location you want it to go, as well as with names, places, etc. When you get home, all you have to do is plug it in to your computer and, with a couple of easy clicks, it automatically uploads the pictures to where you told them to go. No more uploading to your computer, then to all of the other sites. Skip the middle man, yo! Oh, and you can email pictures with the same few clicks. How cool is that?

For me there was a small learning curve with a point-and-shoot, (I've previously only owned a DSLR,) but once I learned a few tricks I was good to go and loved all of my shots. The biggest trick? Simple. Hold down the shutter button slightly for the camera to focus before you actually take the shot. Hmph. I should have known. All of the specifics on the camera can be found here. You know, all of the technical stuff that I don't really understand. All I know is, Hey! Great pictures!

This camera also shoots video, and has multiple automatic settings, (such as close up, landscape, etc.,) red-eye reduction, and is small enough to keep in your purse for everyday shots. Great for a mom like me that doesn't want to lug the 'big' camera everywhere.

Lastly, something that I didn't get to do while in New York but wished that I had was get my picture up on the Kodak screen in Times Square. Are you going to New York soon? Follow the steps for the Thousand Words campaign to get your photo on the big screen. You can even time it so you'll be there to see it! Totally wish I'd had a chance to do it. *Sigh* Next time, right?

A huge THANK YOU to Kodak and Ketchum for making this day possible, and for the M580 camera!

Kodak supplied me with this camera to take on the bus tour. No other compensation was received, and the opinions of the camera are my own. This post also contains affiliate links, you know, for a few more pennies.

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  1. Question, how long did your camera take to power up? We have an OLDER Easy share but OMG! I miss a lot of pictures.


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