Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sea-Pak Shrimp

Last month I was contacted to review a product from the Sea-Pak Shrimp company. Through the holidays I tend to cook, a lot!, but knew there would be a perfect day in early January to try it.

Yesterday was that day.

One of my boys had been sick at home for 2 days so I had been unable to get to the store for a 'real' grocery shop. By yesterday we were sadly in need of a meal that consisted of something other than soup or left-overs.

On the way home from scouts I ran into the store to check out the selection of Sea-Pak products.

Coconut ShrimpButterfly Shrimp - Oven CrispyPopcorn ShrimpShrimp Scampi - Butter and Garlic, Tails Off

I decided on the large box of butterfly shrimp and got some rice and a veggie to go with it. It was a super easy dinner to make. The shrimp were of the "open the box and bake" variety-perfect for an evening that followed a busy afternoon. The shrimp "pack in 135 mg of Omega-3's and 65 IU of vitamin D per serving." My kids don't always like fish, so this is a great way to get extra omega-3's into their diet.

My kids? They loved this shrimp! I made the whole box (20 oz.) and there were only tails left. Headless Dad liked them as well, but thought that there could be less breading since he couldn't taste the shrimp very much. Me? I enjoyed them too. They were tasty, crispy, fast and easy for a busy weekday dinner.

Make sure you visit the Sea-Pak website to check out all of their products. They also have a recipe section, and you can sign up to receive emails that contain printable coupons, which is great because this line can be a little pricey in my frugal opinion.

Thanks, Sea-Pak for making our Wednesday dinner tasty and fast!

Headless Mom

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  1. They sound very good. I am glad your boys eat fish, my kids still won't eat it!


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