Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The New Anaheim Hilton and the OC Bloggers Ball

Last Saturday we Southern California bloggers were given a very special treat. Hosted by Marcy of The Glamorous Life and the newly renovated Anaheim Hilton, the OC Bloggers Ball was a chance for OC bloggers to get together and do what we do best. Eat and drink, and talk about blogging!

The renovation is really lovely. Although this emblem below is their old one it is a cool picture anyway.

The lobby is spectacular. Grand and inviting, you instantly feel like you're in a special place. (This arrangement was about as big as I am!)

Luckily for us we were treated to Twittertinis and Blogitos for a special price. (Twittertini-"A martini with a chatty twist...possibly making you want to talk in 140 characters" and the Blogito-"Like a traditional Mojito, only funnier and more informative." That Hollie is a funny one!)

Carlos, the restaurant and banquet manager put together an amazing spread for us. He chose several items off of their restaurant menu to serve us in "mini" -style so we would be able to sample lots of items. Their signature item is a Cobb salad, served layered in a large martini shaker. Signature because Carlos came up with the idea based on their restauranto logo-a martini shaker! Talk about yummy.....

These are two of the appetizers that we were lucky enough to sample: shrimp cocktail (in the shooter glasses,) and ahi tuna (on the plates). Not only is the food delicious, but the presentation is out of this world. As a former restaurant worker, it's impressive.

And the desserts? Divine. Anything that looks like this should, and did!, taste like heaven.

Special thanks to Carlos, Hollie, and the staff of the Anaheim Hilton for a lovely evening. I can't wait to join you again! And if you are in the area, visiting Disneyland or other Southern California spots, make sure you check into the Anaheim Hilton. It is worth the trip! Be sure to check out the Anaheim Hilton Blog for special rates and events, and follow them on Twitter for news, contests, and more.

For more on our evening go here, and here, and here, and here.

Headless Mom


  1. OMG, that dessert looks AWESOME!

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. Glad you were able to attend. You go girl!

  3. It really was fun huh? I was so relieved to see your smiling face show up before the rest of the crowd. I knew I would have a good time either way!

    Thanks again....

  4. It was SOOO fun, but I can't BELIEVE I didn't get to meet you!! Just sent out the invite for the next one in Sept. Hope you can go!

  5. So great to meet you and love your biz card :) Hope to chat more at future meetups, Headless Mama! Debbie

  6. that looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures. Stopping by from Debby's :)


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