Sunday, August 2, 2009

Here's What's New at Ford

So many of you brought up issues that Ford is already addressing. Let me fill you in on what Ford is bringing to the marketplace to address YOUR issues!

Jane said:
"I'd also like a rear camera and/or sensor so that I know when there's something small behind me, like (god forbid) a child or a tricycle."
One of the coolest features that I was able to experience at Ford was the BLIS (Blind Spot Information System). This feature alerts the driver when there is something next to you or behind you. In our testing situation, we were in a Taurus parked between two much larger vehicles. Upon beginning to back out of the parking place we heard a light beeping and saw a yellow light appear in the right rear view mirror. This was indicating that there was a car coming from the right side, even though we couldn't see it.

Britta asked about hybrid/fuel effeciency, and sleek design.

The 2010 Fusion Hybrid has that. This car will get approximately 41 mpg city/36 mpg hwy. Notice that is backwards of a regular engine! (Normally, mpg rates are higher for highway miles.) Personally, I love it's design, and it has a smooth ride. I was able to ride in this one, and even the back seat has GREAT leg room. (Did you hear that Heather? Lots of room, even in the back seat! Although no room for the stroller in this one. It did have an ample trunk though, for a folded one.) I was riding with Jackie, and she loved that the digital display would "grow" leaves when she was doing better on mpg. We decided that it would become an obsession to make more leaves appear the further we drove!

Karen and Marcy both mentioned the entertainment system so I must mention here:

From the Ford website:
Available SYNC® in-car voice-activated communications and entertainment system and more. SYNC® is an in-car voice-activated communications system that allows you to operate most popular MP3 players, Bluetooth®-enabled phones and flash drives with simple voice commands.* Segment-exclusive SYNC includes 911 Assist™,** Vehicle Health Report, real-time traffic conditions, turn-by-turn directions and other information.

What this means is that your ipod plugs into the system and you tell it what you want to listen to. It will automatically connect with your phone so you can tell it what to do. The button to activate all of the SYNC's systems is on the wheel, right under your left thumb. For me, though, the coolest part is the 911 connect. It is free for the life of the car. Seriously. You'll never have to worry about calling 911 in an accident again, and there's no fees to access it, either.

Becca mentioned her bad back. Boy, does Ford have a feature for you!

Multi-Contour Seats with Active Motion: I wish that you could have sat in these seats like I did. I was moaning, uh, sighing the second I sat down. And I don't even have a bad back. The back and bottom of these seats have multiple air chambers that fill and deflate for a mild messaging action that not only is more comfortable but relieves sciatic pressure and improves circulation during those long drives. Next time you're anywhere near a Ford dealership? Go for the seats. Just sayin'.

I would also like to add that the new EcoBoost engine ROCKS! Marcy mentioned that she want's serious power, and that is what this engine gives you. V8 power, baby, with V6 effeciency. Yeah, I was skeptical at first, too, until I drove it. And punched it. And flew down the road. I was lucky enough to drive the Lincoln MKX. Oh my. Now THAT is a nice car. One that I would want yesterday (if I were actively in the market for a new car. Do you need a test driver in Southern California? ;-) )

Some other things I'd like to mention:
  • On most models I noticed that there were controls for the gas and brake pedals. Great for either short or tall people.
  • The MyKey System is cool for families of teens. It is programmed (by you) to only go up to 80 miles an hour, have a top volume on the radio, remind all passengers to buckle up, remind the driver when fuel is getting low, and gives speed warnings, among other things. All issues that we worry about when our teens get behind the wheel solo! (MyKey video here. My friend Jenn is in this one!)
  • Easy interior door clean-up. (Looks and feels like leather. Seriously. But it wipes clean!)
  • The quality of the controls on the dash was nice. Not like the cheap plastic of some other cars. The feel was far superior.
For my, and others' opinions on some of the new features check out this video.
For the Active Park Assist video go here.
For more blogger reviews of the test drives and of our day, go here.
And finally (enough with the links, already!) go here for more pictures of our day.

I want to thank Monty, Karen, and all those at Ford for a spectacular day. They didn't know that I will be in the market for a new car within a couple of years but I was certainly sold. The Ford Motor company is changing their reputation, and I, for one, am on board!

Headless Mom

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  1. How serendipitous that you posted this because we have been "talking" about some of the newer Ford's on the market and this review was AWESOMELY helpful!

    Thanks for putting so much work and detail into it!


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