Monday, July 20, 2009

What Women Want- a Ford Company Event

I have been chosen to participate in an event in Chicago sponsored by Ford Motor Company this Thursday. Totally squee-worthy! But!

I need your help!

While I'm there I will be participating in discussions on what women (or men!) want in a car. So spill it!

Consider the following:
  • What's important to you when you get in your car?
  • What do you need from your vehicle?
  • What do you have to have in your car?
Your comments here WILL have an impact on the designers, engineers, and marketers of Ford, so seriously, spill it. I want to hear it all. All aspects of a car are game. Design? check. Fuel Efficiency? check. Communication/Entertainment Extras? check. Safety? check. Overall Quality? check.

I know from the welcome letters that I've been receiving that I will have TONS of information for you, so can you help a sister out?

Thanks! And stay tuned for some great news from Ford!

Oh, and if you want to follow the discussions on Twitter, just search the hashtag #FordBlogHer. I'll be using it a lot in the upcoming days so stay tuned!

Ford Motor Company

Headless Mom


  1. I want a beeping sound when I'm backing up. Not really loud like a garbage truck, but just loud enough to warn whomever is speeding down the parking lot when I'm pulling out. I'd also like a rear camera and/or sensor so that I know when there's something small behind me, like (god forbid) a child or a tricycle.

  2. i would like to see a hybrid with a sleek design, a little sportier looking

  3. i need my vehicle to be fuel efficient, dependable and easy to maintain

  4. Room for tall people! I hate having to bend into a pretzel to get the kid into her car seat. The ONLY thing I like about our Eurovan is being able to climb in and sit down next to the car seat to hold the kid down and strap her in. And to be able to throw the jogging stroller in without having to fold it into origami.
    More room behind the seats in a van. Would like more than just grocery room in the back so the dog can go back there!
    And decent mileage.

  5. I would settle for having a car that doesn't have a damn WHEEL as a reclining mechanism. (Seriously, I want to bitchslap the VW people who came up with that little design.)

  6. I want it to feel like I'm driving something that's not going to get smooshed by the other dummies on the road. I want to feel like I'm 'on' the road not part of the road. I hate low to the ground, I hate feeling like I'm a small car in a big world. I want it to stand up to passing a transfer truck. I want a pass ot feel like I'm passing, not like my foot will go through the floor. I WANT POWER!

  7. I want reliability and comfort. I don't have it now, but I'm going to make sure all of my future cars have an iPhone jack with Bluetooth so I can listen to my music -- and talk on the phone hands free.

  8. I want reliability - engine and major components will not fail, a easy way to get four children buckeled, car seats too, and SAFETY!!

  9. Okay here are two things I HAD to have in my last two cars. Get ready. These are, lame.
    1. radio controls on the steering wheel.
    2. Automatc back gate lift (for SUVS)
    and for a third, but only my Navigator had it would be..
    3. 3rd row seats with ELECTRIC fold down.

    And I like a kickin sound system (hey, I am a mom but I still like to rock), DARK carpet (yeah I am a mom) and great pick up off the line. I have a HEMI in my car right now. And i can kick anybody's butt at a stop light race. Ya know, if I WANTED to. Oh, and I want to!

    Have fun. Feel free to drop my name in for the next event! ;)

  10. Hmmm, let's see...
    1. Reliability
    2. Efficient
    3. Easily able to clean (children...ugh!)
    4. My feet to touch the gas & break easily (I'm short)
    5. Comfort
    6. Decent storage

  11. 1. Comfort! I have a bad back and am always super uncomfortable in the car - passenger side and driver side
    2. Easy to access third row. Would love if third row could automatically fold down
    3. Large middle console storage space for cups and STUFF. Something to store STUFF in the second row would be fabulous too. Always too much STUFF!
    4. Touchscreen for all controls.
    5. Great sound system that can be shut off in the front if necessary (so just kids can listen to it if desired)
    6. Cameras on all 4 sides - I'm always worried I'm too close to something in the front back and sides.

    Hope that helps some!


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