Friday, April 3, 2009

More About Us

Welcome to The Headless Family: Reviews and Giveaways! If you have a product that you would like for us to review, or a giveaway that you would like for me to sponsor, please contact me at headlessfamily5 at gmail dot com. Would you like to advertise over at my main site? Contact me there as well. I would also love to talk to you about representing your company at various conferences for bloggers throught the year.

Who we are:

Headless Boys #1 and #2- are 11 and 9 respectively. They love to try new things and are great at giving HONEST opinions. They are currently into baseball, football, skateboarding, Nintendo DS, Wii, XBox with Kinect, and eating. All the time. They enjoy reading, math and science too, which mommy loves to no end.

Headless Girl- is a college student and on the go all day. She drives, has a part time job, and volunteers. She loves trying out new technology, hanging out with her friends and boyfriend, going to movies and out to eat.

Headless Dad- is a hard-working salesman who loves to golf and working in his garden. He might be a tough sell on trying new things, but we can try!

Headless Mom- I am a 40-something stay-at-home-mom that loves blogging and trying out new products. Especially ones that can make my daily tasks go faster, smoother, or taste better.

We live in the Inland Empire region of Southern California and love getting out in our area and exploring new-to-us destinations and restaurants.

Thanks for checking us out- we hope to be reviewing your product soon!

Headless Mom

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  1. You are funny! Counting down the days until blogher!


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