Saturday, April 4, 2009


Thank you for visiting my review and giveaway blog. This was created for me to be able to take advantage of opportunities that come my way that don't quite fit on my main blog for one reason or another.

Any review that is posted here is my honest opinion, or that of a member of my family.

Typically, anything posted here will be about a product or service that I have received in exchange for my opinion. Often that is the only compensation I have received, but occasionally I will also have received some other payment. That may or may not be explicit, that's what this disclosure is for.

I will also include and affiliate link in some posts. This means that if you click the link then buy things from, I will receive a (very) small commission. Each post that contains an affiliate link will be noted as such.

If you have further questions about my review process, or would like for me to host a giveaway for you, please contact me at headlessfamily5 at gmail dot com.

Headless Mom

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